Situation on Group Travel in Belgium (update 26/5)

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  • Tourism: is not allowed. No group visits are permitted. Only people living under the same roof may visit a natural or cultural site together.
  • Travel to Belgium: non-essential travel to and from Belgium is prohibited. This measure will expire on 8 June 2020, but can be extended.
  • Travel through Belgium: The general principle is that foreign nationals must be able to enter and leave Belgian territory easily in order to travel on to their destination.
  • Belgian Airports: Anyone aged 12 and over is obliged to cover their mouth and nose with a mask or any other fabric alternative, as soon as they enter the airport.
  • Public transport: Trains and buses are running. The use of a face mask is mandatory.
  • Hotels: are open, but their restaurants are closed
  • Restaurants are closed. Only meal deliveries and take-away meals are allowed. Pubs are closed
  • Museums may be open under strict conditions. Day trips will remain prohibited. After the visit, you should immediately return home
  • Public toilets can open
  • Cruiseports: cruise ships can bunk but tourists can’t get of. Ferry crossings are not prohibited.
  • Coach travel: is possible but restricted by the social distance rule
  • Guiding: restricted: only for people living under the same roof and in accordance with the appropriate social distancing measures for the site. All other guided visits (e.g. with city guides) are not permitted.
  • Most shops are open.

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