Outlook on Group Travel in Belgium (update June 8)

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  • The borders are opening up, with the focus on other European countries. Belgium is waiting for a European decision regarding travelling from other continents. This will depend on the situation in the other countries, and reciprocity: if Europeans can travel to their country, people from that country can travel to Europe. We expect non-Europeans to travel from beginning of July
  • Tourism opens up for Belgians. With the border opening on the 15th of June, Europeans will slowly come back from July on.
  • A lot of airlines, like Brussels Airlines and Ryanair, will resume their flights from somewhere in June. Focus is on the beginning of July.
  • Pubs and restaurants are open, a huge step forward to normality. We think groups of 50 will be able to eat together from the beginning of July on.
  • The maximum of people in a group is 20 for the moment. From July on this is 50, which is a good number for travelling in group.
  • Mass-events are postponed until the end of August, but from the 1st of July events are possible for up to 200 people
  • Travelling by coach opens up gradually. Still limited for the moment, but by the 1st of July we will see a lot of changes.
  • The return of the cruises will partly depend on the evolution in their home market. Ocean Cruises seem not welcome for the larger part of this year. River Cruises are another story. They should be welcomed again in The Netherlands from the 1st of July on, with a maximum of 100 passengers. Probably Europeans will travel from the 1st of July on, other nationals from the 1st of August on smaller cruise lines. Due to the current uncertainty and the time needed to restart, we see the first ships from the bigger companies coming back from the 1st of September.

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