Outlook on Group Travel in Belgium (update 26/5)

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  • Opening borders will be gradually, depending on the situation of the neighboring country. We expect a lot to happen during the month of June
  • Tourism will open up first for Belgians. Who will follow will depend on the situation in their own country, how far their country is from Belgium and the means of transport: visiting Belgium from The Netherlands by car is easier than flying in from Australia. We expect Europeans to slowly come back from July on.
  • A lot of airlines, like Brussels Airlines and Ryanair, want to resume their flights somewhere in June. If so, we will see small groups of people coming from the whole of Europe.
  • We expect pubs and restaurants to reopen somewhere in June.
  • The maximum of people in a group is 4 for the moment if they are not from the same family. There are signs that groups who share the same ‘contact-bubble’ will be allowed to be bigger, maybe up to 50 people, from July on. This wil be the case for summer-camps and other youth-activities. In a way, a group travelling together for a week by coach can be seen as living in the same bubble.
  • Mass-events are postponed until the end of August.
  • Travelling by coach seems impossible for the moment because of the distancing rules. These don’t apply to public transport and there is great pressure to apply the same rules for coach-travel: make wearing a face-mask the only rule. There might be an opening from July on, the start of the Belgian Holiday Season.
  • The return of the cruises will partly depend on the evolution in their home market. Arosa for instance has announced that it will likely restart its Rhine and Danube itineraries for select departures around 31 May 2020, following the announcements from the German regional authorities and Austrian authorities regarding the relaxation of lockdown measures. In the US, the CDC has a No Sail Order till the middle of July.

2 thoughts on “Outlook on Group Travel in Belgium (update 26/5)

  1. Bob Reply

    Hey Ortje,

    I just went thru my notifications and read your message ‘on outlook for group travel in Belgium’. Thanks for that. If involved in international tourism – whatever branch – for the moment, my conclusion is:
    – serious mid- and long term planning will be impossible for a longer period of time. If opportunities arise, grab them;
    – scan the web for new ideas, alliances and inter branch cooperation. Look up the stock exchange readers for the latest news about cruise- and airlines. Financial info often has early warnings;
    – increase and improve your web presence with articles, forecasts, links to valuable VR/AR presentations,
    original approaches in guiding etc…

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