Mystic Lamb new Visitor Centre

Opening planned on the 8th of October 2020

The four panels of the world-famous polyptych “The Worship of the Lamb of God” which have been restored in recent years and were later featured in the exhibition about Van Eyck, are back home in the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent. But today they are not yet visible to the general public due to Covid-19.

“There is still a lot to be done before that is possible. Everything must be done in accordance with the measures and the guidelines of the Safety Committee. It’s not the same as the museums that are already open. We need to look at how many people can come in at the same time, and how we can arrange online ticket sales. That’s all going to take a few more weeks. We don’t want to rush this and make sure everything can go smoothly.”

Until the 8th of October they are located in the Villa-chapel as they were since the eighties of last century. But from then on, a brand-new visitors’ center should open its doors at St Bavo’s Cathedral. It will host the restored panels and a collection of other authentic and grand art treasures. And that will be something:

On entering the center, visitors will receive a set of augmented virtual reality (AVR) glasses which will give them the chance to see medieval murals and numerous works of art as if they were actually on site hundreds of years ago and done with the help of historical simulations and interactive modules. Visitors will get to experience the different construction periods of the cathedral as well as the eventful history of the “Mystic Lamb” and its significance in the most convincing but historically correct manner. This augmented reality tour around the cathedral will be offered in nine different languages: the seven languages currently available on the audio guide, plus Russian and Portuguese, and be customised for each language.

End of story: be careful of what you promise your clients during the visit of Ghent. A quick visit, popping in and out the cathedral for a small fee won’t probably be possible anymore once the center opens.

To be continued…

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