Last update: 7th of July 2020

Current Situation

  • Tourism: is allowed. Groups are limited to 50 people, subject to safety distances. Since the 15th of June, Belgium opened its borders for travel to and from the European Union, including the United Kingdom and the four other Schengen countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway). However, it is up to each country to decide whether to open its borders. Most of them do. Belgium does not allow travel from countries outside Europe, although an European decision says they can.
  • Guiding: Groups are limited to 50 people, subject to safety distances.
  • Trips lasting more than one day are allowed. Leisure and free time activities are permitted from 8 June, conferences, amusement parks and indoor playgrounds reopened from 1 July.
  • Travel to Belgium: is allowed for most of the Schengen-countries and some non-European countries (see above).
  • Travel through Belgium: The general principle is that foreign nationals must be able to enter and leave Belgian territory easily in order to travel on to their destination.
  • Belgian Airports: Anyone aged 12 and over is obliged to cover their mouth and nose with a mask or any other fabric alternative, as soon as they enter the airport. Airlines open up.
  • Public transport: Trains and buses are running. The use of a face mask is mandatory.
  • Hotels: can open, including their restaurants.
  • Restaurants and pubs can open. They are allowed to remain open until one o’clock in the morning, just like the night shops.
  • Museums can open under conditions.
  • Performances with an audience – including cinemas – can be resumed from 1 July, but only subject to specific rules regarding crowd management, such as respecting the safety distance in the audience and a maximum of 200 attendees.
  • Public toilets can open
  • River Cruises: are allowed, but restricted by the social distance rule. Since the 15th of June borders are open, so ships can come from another country
  • Ocean Cruises: cruise ships can bunk but tourists can’t get of.
  • Coach travel: is possible, with full capacity but with some safety measures. face masks are mandatory.
  • Most shops are open.


  • The borders are opening up, with the focus on other European countries. There are some setbacks though: because covid-19 pops up in small pockets in Spain, Germany and some other countries, the Belgian government asks to be cautious when travelling. Also, non-Europeans are not welcome, against the advice of the EU. We don’t expect non-Europeans tourists to come back before September.
  • Tourism opens up for Belgians. Europeans are coming back.
  • Airlines resumed their flights. Focus is on European travel.
  • Pubs and restaurants are open, a huge step forward to normality. Groups of 15 are able to eat around the same table.
  • The maximum of people in a group is 50, which is a good number for travelling in group.
  • Mass-events are postponed until the end of August, but from the 1st of July events are possible for up to 200 people
  • Travelling by coach is possible. We see Europeans travel.
  • River Cruises are welcome again, but with restrictions on the number of people, the way meals are served, etc. Due to the current uncertainty and the time needed to restart, we see the first ships with overseas passengers coming back from the 1st of September. The return of the cruises will partly depend on the evolution in their home market.
  • Ocean Cruises seem not welcome for the larger part of this year.